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Welcome to UClub @ Suntec City Tower 2

Remote work can be a chore, with endless distractions hindering productivity. Not to mention, it is a less-than-ideal workspace, and fatigue stems from blurred lines between work and play. So, if you are looking for shared office spaces at Suntec City to secure a conducive work environment and bolster camaraderie, look no further! UClub @ Suntec City Tower 2 is the solution for you.

Strategic Location at the Heart of Town

Located at Temasek Boulevard, this UClub community sits at the heart of the business district. It is within walking distance of City Hall MRT and Promenade MRT and is situated at the nexus of 4 major MRT lines (East-West, North-East, Downtown and Circle lines). If you are travelling by car, it is easily accessible via the East Coast Parkway (ECP). Whether for business commute or for play, UClub @ Suntec City Tower 2 assures you the convenience and accessibility to satisfy you and your business needs. The area is also home to many Chinese companies and listed companies, making it one of the most vibrant areas in Singapore for business, trade and finance.

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A Tasteful Blend of Scenic Views and Good Fengshui

UClub members get to enjoy astounding panoramic views overlooking Marina Bay, the civic district and the world-renowned Fountain of Wealth at the Suntec location. Not only do you get to embrace such unparalleled sights, but you will get to bask in good fengshui. The shared office space at Suntec City is designed to be the shape of a left hand, with the 5 office towers being the fingers. Together, they cradle a bronze ring that would be the iconic Fountain of Wealth. In 1998 the Guinness Book of World Record recognized it as the World’s Largest Fountain and embodied the vibrancy in bringing people together to celebrate wealth and good health. Office spaces in this UClub location oversee the magnificent Fountain and views beyond the Marina Bay. As the Chinese saying goes, “遇水生财”, the abundant water at this location is a good omen for businesses to prosper!

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Wide Range of Facilities Bringing You Convenience at Your Doorstep

UClub @ Suntec City Tower 2 is a stone’s throw away from the mega Suntec City Shopping Centre, which is one of Singapore’s most exciting retail destinations, offering a one-stop solution for shopping, dining and entertainment experiences. There is a plethora of amenities from fitness, entertainment, banks to services and more for UClub members to utilize.

It is also very near to: (1) Suntec Convention Centre, and (2) Mandarin Marina Hotel. There are also many other five-star hotels, boasting a wide-range of facilities which are easily accessible. Thus, making business meetings and hosting of business events a breeze.

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Diverse Food Options to Satisfy Your Palates

Suntec City is home to 360 retail outlets across 4 zones. UClub members at the Suntec location will be spoilt for choices when it comes to lunch or dinner time with over 100 F&B outlets to choose from.

For a taste of Japan, you may want to visit the vast Don Don Donki stall (#02-379, West Wing) with a huge selection of mouth-watering dons, snack platters and uniquely Japan groceries. Aburi-EN (#B1-121) is a popular option as well, specializing in savoury grilled-meat rice bowls. If you want a quick fix for Western meals, Shake Shack (#01-357, West Wing) is a must-try! Their juicy cheeseburgers is the real deal. ASTONS’ (#B1-161, East Wing) wallet-friendly meals promise a hefty portion and will leave you satisfied. If you are craving for desserts or drinks, 108 Matcha Saro (#B1-K5, West Wing), BaWangChaJi (#02-312, West Wing), Boost Juice Bars (#B1-K9, West Wing) are some options you can consider.

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Conducive Environment with Suite of Office Essentials

Suntec City Tower 2 has a business area of approximately 1336 square meters. It comprises 326 independent and shared office spaces at Suntec City. The office spaces are bright and airy, and the comfortable layout helps to enhance productivity and allow for smoother business operations. Furthermore, the community can also hold events and undertake meetings, seminars, and lectures, and can provide necessary facilities for use.

In addition, members get to enjoy reception service, meeting room usage, prestigious registered address, pantry service, lounge and printing services at a transparent and flexible price. Besides, members do not have to worry about overhead costs. The direct saved costs can be allocated for business development.

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Your #1 Choice for Shared Office Spaces at Suntec

To sum it up, UClub Shared Office Spaces at Suntec City Tower 2 is located at 9 Temasek Boulevard Tower 2 #07-00 (S038989). So, if you are looking for shared office spaces in town with a strategic location, luscious scenery, and a wide-range of amenities, the UClub community at Suntec is the one for you.

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