In today’s rapidly evolving business climate and the rise of the gig economy, start-ups and entrepreneurs face an increasing need for a flexible and affordable workspace. A perfect solution is to utilise shared office spaces  for an optimal work experience.

What is a shared office?

shared office is a workspace where individuals or companies share a common office space. This is ideal for startups and entrepreneurs who prefer not to commit to a permanent workspace and rather rent a work space on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The main difference between shared office and coworking space is the level of privacy, customisation, and flexibility they offer to their users. Shared offices usually come with a more isolated floor plan. For example, the office space may house individual companies in specific rooms that are structured in way that is similar to a formal office setting. Shared offices also offer a variety of professional services and amenities such as meeting rooms, business mailing services, snacks or beverage bar, printing facilities and phone booths.

Why choose a shared office?

Shared offices can be beneficial for freelancers, startups, remote workers, and small businesses who need access to professional workspaces without committing to long-term leases or incurring high overhead costs.

Compared to traditional workspaces, shared offices also offer a range of unique benefits:

Balance affordability and flexibility

Shared offices are more affordable compared to renting traditional dedicated office spaces. Individuals and companies only have to pay for the space that is needed instead for the whole floor plan. In addition, shared offices typically provide flexible lease terms that allow users to rent the space for the preferred period of time, with no hard requirement for a multi-year lease. This saves a significant amount of money on rent.

As the size of the company grows, shared offices also support scaling up of occupancy and billing is easily adjusted to reflect the company’s growth. If the individual or company needs to quickly change office location, shared offices provide the flexibility to do so with their numerous branch locations.

Foster networking opportunities

Shared offices usually house multiple entrepreneurs and businesses of different disciplines. Due to the proximity and the layout of the floor plan, shared offices provide excellent networking opportunities between organisations. This helps to foster new business and professional relationships that can be useful in furthering business collaboration.

Enjoy working in a professional environment

Shared offices provide a professional environment that houses a wide range of amenities, including high-speed internet, office furniture, and office equipment. Other than saving on costs of purchasing these items, it also enhances work experience and business image. This leaves a good impression on clients or investors when they visit the office.

UClub – your preferred shared office option

Choosing a value-for-money shared office that best addresses your business needs is important. When choosing a shared office, you may consider the following factors:

Location is key

An accessible shared office should be ideally located in the central business district area, or a location that is convenient to get to by both public and private transport. This ensures a smooth and fuss-free commute for you and your clients.

At UClub, our shared offices are located at prime areas — Bugis Junction, Suntec City Tower 2 and Launchpad@one-north. Not only are they within walking distance to MRT stations, they are also equipped with ample parking spots nearby.

Amenities for use

A good shared office should provide a wide range of amenities for use, for an optimal work experience. At UClub, all of our shared office locations offer premium amenities and services for you to focus on doing your best work. This includes high-speed internet access, complimentary beverages, conducive meeting rooms, printing services and smart office systems.

Cost and lease terms

A preferred shared office should offer flexible lease terms with price plans that are not overly exorbitant. At UClub, we offer competitive rates for shared office plans. Enjoy a shared office plan tailored to your needs and expectations, all at market-leading rates.

In conclusion, shared offices provide a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional office spaces, allowing individuals and companies to collaborate, network and work in a professional environment. When choosing a shared office, do consider its affordability, amenities, lease terms, costs and environment. Choose the right shared office, choose UClub today!

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