Dr Mao at the UN Global CSR Summit

I am Mao Daqing, the founder of UClub. Thanks to the organizers of this event, so that Unocal workshop has the opportunity to enter this special summit of the United Nations again and share our actions and further thoughts on corporate social responsibility.

UClub is an entrepreneurial enterprise founded in 2015. We always regard ourselves as the entrepreneur behind the entrepreneurs. Although it’s only a short four years, the company’s rapid development coincides with the tide of deepening the development of mass entrepreneurship and innovation in China and the upgrading of young people’s demand for working methods. From the initial positioning of small and micro enterprises to improve office efficiency and reduce office costs to today’s gradual development into the head of China’s shared office industry, we have arranged more than 200 shared office spaces in 44 cities around the world, serving more than 10000 innovative enterprises and hundreds of thousands of members, and the platform has provided 1.33 million jobs for member enterprises.

Through the redefinition of workplace culture, the three-dimensional support system of software and hardware, and the all-round multi-element innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem service system, it has gradually become a booster of urban innovation. It not only supports a large number of start-ups, but also gradually exports services and ecosystems to local incubators and maker spaces, entrepreneurship students in Colleges and universities, young people returning home to start businesses, self-employed groups and other types of entrepreneurial groups, so that different groups can gather on such a platform because of innovation and entrepreneurship, so that everyone can learn and communicate in a dynamic and open environment. Growth: it is carrying out in-depth exploration for innovation and Entrepreneurship of different social levels and groups, continuously contributing to the development of social innovation, and constantly excavating and shaping the innovation spirit of the new generation of China and the Chinese story of the new era, so as to stimulate deeper social innovation. From Lhasa on the snow capped plateau to the coast of the East China Sea, Hulunbuir on the northern prairie, Hainan at the end of the world and the important node cities where Chinese enterprises go to sea, you can see the lovely and respectable people served by the UClub and the UClub.

In the process of the company’s gradual development and growth, I gradually realized that as a carrier of small and micro innovative enterprises, the UClub naturally bears a special potential of corporate social responsibility value. So in the last two years, I insist that the company has carried out a lot of exploration in the direction of corporate social responsibility, to continuously explore and release the value of this innovative platform.

As one of the initiators of the United Nations labor organization in China for multi group integrated employment, and the only entrepreneurial enterprise in the initiators, we encourage platform enterprises to open jobs for special groups and plan to gradually create barrier free entrepreneurial space, and try to explore multi group integrated employment together with international institutions. And we have recruited some disabled colleagues in our own team. They not only made contributions to their posts, but also greatly inspired ordinary colleagues in many companies and changed their views on this special group.

In order to better set up a healthy concept of work and life and advocate the sustainable development of environment and health, Unocal workshop also volunteered to join and support the who’s smoke-free workplace initiative, taking the lead in banning smoking in all its workplaces to protect employees from the hazards of second-hand smoke. As a long-term partner of Ginkgo foundation, Unocal workshop also provides office space for young social entrepreneurs to support the cultivation of social innovative talents and become contributors to solve social problems together.

From the beginning of 2018, we initiated the establishment of the Youke lecture hall to organize the representative entrepreneurs on the platform of the UClub, support the innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, give college students the opportunity to get close contact with the real front-line entrepreneurs, and then get through the information discrepancy between the internship jobs of entrepreneurial enterprises and the employment market of college students. Up to this year, we have accumulated nearly one thousand compulsory classes, initially built and improved the innovation and entrepreneurship service system for colleges and universities, and published the first entrepreneurship guidance textbook for colleges and universities. I believe that in this way, in addition to better setting up young people’s correct entrepreneurial values, so that entrepreneurs can help entrepreneurs, it is also the best practice of social responsibility inheritance.

In addition, uke workshop has long cooperated with the United Nations Development Agency, China Women’s and children’s fund, China Association for science and technology and other organizations to support all parties in exploring youth entrepreneurship projects, carrying out research and in-depth integration of corporate social responsibility, encouraging more forces to participate, and jointly promoting sustainable development.

The current world is in a complex and turbulent stage. All of you here also know that China and the United States have been actively engaged in rounds of difficult consultations on trade issues. We are more and more aware that China and the United States play an important role in the stable development of the world economy and society. Whatever the problems between the two countries, the bottom line that cannot be forgotten is global social responsibility in the international community. China has always wanted to have a peaceful development environment and be a responsible big country. The innovation ability of the United States has always been a model for China. The fact that the two big economies are already you and I and you cannot be changed. Only peaceful coexistence, mutual inclusiveness, seeking common ground while reserving differences, and mutual promotion through competition between the two major economies can truly benefit the common well-being of the two peoples and the world. Mutual benefit and win-win result between countries is the biggest

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