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When it comes to hosting a successful meeting, choosing the right venue is critical. A good meeting venue should provide a comfortable and professional atmosphere for attendees, while also accommodating their needs and preferences. As Singapore reopens post-pandemic, more meetings and business exchanges are expected to be held. If you are looking for the ideal meeting venue to host your clients and hold business meetings, UClub Singapore provides quality options for your consideration.

How to choose a good meeting venue?

There are several factors to take into consideration when selecting the right meeting venue for your event.

Meeting Venue Accessibility

The meeting venue should be easily accessible to attendees, either via public or private transport. There should also be ample affordable parking options for attendees. If the meeting venue is too remote, attendees may face difficulties in finding the location and the programme may face delays.

Capacity and Flexibility

The venue should be spacious enough to accommodate the number of attendees comfortably. Beyond seating space for attendees, the meeting venue should also leave space for necessary event equipment or set-up. In view of possible changes, the venue should be able to accommodate customizations and last-minute requests, which includes the ability to adjust seating arrangements, temperature, lighting and other set-up that may affect the meeting.


A good meeting venue should provide a pleasant meeting setting, including appropriate seating, lighting, temperature control and restroom facilities. Food and beverage options should also be readily available upon request, either via in-house or outside catering. These ensure that attendees are able to focus on meeting objectives, have a productive meeting, and leave the meeting with a good impression.


In today’s digital age, technology offerings are a key consideration when choosing meeting venues. A good meeting venue should come with high-speed and stable internet, quality audio-visual equipment, and sufficient power outlets to meet attendees’ technology needs.


The set-up of the meeting venue should be professional to create a formal and conducive environment. There should also be a team of dedicated staff who are responsive, attentive and familiar with event operations to assist the event organiser and attendees when there is a need.

Why is UClub Singapore your ideal solution for a meeting venue?

UClub Singapore provides meeting venues that check off all the boxes: accessibility, capacity and flexibility, comfort, technology-enabled and professional.

UClub Singapore has meeting venues at Bugis Junction, Launchpad@one-north and Suntec City Tower 2. These outlets are strategically located in the heart of town, with several MRT lines nearby. Not only that, they are tastefully furnished with premium amenities, including quality event set-up such as high-definition projector screens, ample power outlets, whiteboards (stationary and moveable) and other equipment to facilitate a smooth and successful event.

At UClub Singapore, we offer a variety of private meeting rooms and event spaces and customisable plans for different team sizes, to best meet your diversified business needs.

Contact us today if you need an open and vibrant environment to connect, share, grow and succeed!

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