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500-year old Beijing Hutong Returns to Life as a new urban artistic landmark

Beijing, China, 28 April, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — UClub, China’s largest co-working space operator, has released a CSR report that focuses on urban and workplace culture innovation, with an emphasis on heritage protection and healthy environments. As part of the start-up’s overarching purpose to reimagine workspaces for enhanced experiences, it has also “transfigured” its Xianyukou Hutong location in Beijing, redesigning it with a creative mixture of Chinese elements to serve flexible, inspiring work.

The UClub report details the start-up’s efforts in urban renewal and heritage protection, as part of its overall CSR strategy. As it reinvigorates existing spaces within cities, the start-up is placing a significant focus on the historical value of the buildings, renovating with care to protect cultural heritage.

Meet Beijing’s New Hutong

Uniquely structured for preserving family intimacy with density and flexibility, Hutongs – a maze of alleyways formed by lines of courtyard residences – were once the centre of life for many Beijingers. However, as the city has sped into modernity, many of these cultural centres have become vacant or fallen into disrepair.

Tasking themselves with the mission of preserving the past for the future, UClub has returned one of the oldest in Beijing to the centre of life in Qianmen.

Following in the footsteps of past UClub preservation projects, such as Tianjin’s Italian Quarter, Xiangyukou has found a new lease of life as a cultural and artistic landmark. Brought to life by specially commissioned murals that pay homage to the past, Beijing’s latest Hutong is set to become a new cultural centre for a new co-future.

UClub is China’s largest co-working community operator. As of 2019, UClub manages 197 co-working spaces in 42 cities in Greater China and Singapore. UClub’s offline co-working space services include self-operated models such as U Space, customized spaces such as U Studio and U Design, and asset-light models such as U Brand and U Partner. In a mere four years of growth and evolution, UClub has fostered an intelligent co-working ecosystem on a global scale, where its members can leverage its network to unleash their potential and collectively create value. For more information, please visit www.UClub.com/en.

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