Since setting up our first coworking space in Singapore back in 2017, we continue to develop sophisticated and beautiful spaces to enhance our member’s productivity. With friendly bilingual staff onsite, business-class printers and increased site security through our very own UClub app, we support our members with in-demand office services and some of the best workplace amenities.

As our network of members continues to grow, we develop new technological tools to optimise and enhance our processes. By leveraging on tech advancements, our members enjoy a holistic experience tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

The UClub Difference
A Highly Personalised Experience In A Shared Space

Technologically Advanced

Through a strategic combination of IoT, smart terminals, and a self-developed mobile app, UClub Singapore uses real-time behavioural data and equipment usage data in the shared office space to analyse and produce optimal service solutions and pricing.

Empowered by data, UClub provides accurate and personalised services to meet the shared office needs of resident enterprises, increase member satisfaction and loyalty, and develop a sustainable community culture and ecology, while managing costs.

With great data comes great responsibility. Read more about our data policy and how we strictly adhere to Singapore’s personal privacy protection laws here

Global Connections

Through the success of our coworking spaces, UClub has redefined the working culture in China and beyond. We are present in over 62__ cities across mainland China, Hongkong – China, Singapore, the United States and more.

With more locations opening each year and our expanding international presence, we see our role as a bridge for businesses interested in venturing overseas.By providing our members with global access to all UClub locations as well as having bilingual onsite staff to help and provide necessary support, our members can excel everywhere.

Our members include the biggest names in tech such as Xiaomi as well as international heavyweights like Paris Baguette.

Through UClub coworking spaces, we set out to build an inclusive and creative community that supports and strengthens each other.

Our Values
By sharing resources, we can offer flexible and affordable coworking spaces for all.
By using technology and data to empower our decision making, we can better serve the needs of all our members.
By being transparent and honest, we work together to provide a healthier work environment for both our staff and our members.
Success For All
By working together, we are stronger. Our inclusive and open coworking space provides positivity and inspiration to all who enter.

Our Thriving Network Of Professionals

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